Start Losing Belly Fat Now

A Simple 5 Exercise Circuit Using Only Body Weight


Abs after 40? Why not?

Like many people I spent the majority of my life avoiding exercise of any kind. I was even in the Navy and once out of boot camp, I only worked out once a year (the yearly physical evaluation they made us do).

When I hit my mid forties, I started to hate how I felt physically, as well as how I looked.  So I decided to change things.

Now, I’m still not in the BEST shape I could be in, but I am in MUCH better shape now (low 50’s) than I was even at 30. It begins in the mind, and then taking action.

The video is a great place to start if you are just getting started. No equipment to buy. No gym to join. And it takes 10 minutes. Combined with good eating habits, it can put you on the right track.

Watch the video…

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