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Exercising At Home or At the Gym

What do you suppose a gym membership costs these days? The local gym I used to belong to have plans that start at just under $20 per month. It even has a family plan for just under $50 per month. In the grand scheme of things, that is…

Start Losing Belly Fat Now

Abs after 40? Why not? Like many people I spent the majority of my life avoiding exercise of any kind. I was even in the Navy and once out of boot camp, I only worked out once a year (the yearly physical evaluation they made us do).…

Health, Fitness and Happiness

Tony is the creator behind P90X® - the best selling fitness program in America. Over the past 25 years, Tony has inspired and motivated people all over the world by sharing his fitness expertise with professional athletes, sports teams,…

The Latest Sex Health Buzzwords

We’re all adults here so we can speak bluntly, right? Sex makes the whole world go round. Everywhere you look; there is something that has to do with sex. It’s in the newspaper, on the television, out on the streets splattered across…