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Why The Egoscue Method Is Worth It

How do you usually handle an injury? What if the Egoscue method was the answer to eliminate chronic pains?

Are you honest enough to yourself to recognise the early signs of a minor pain that will eventually develop into a severe injury if you resist seeking proper treatment?

Isn’t it often easy to convince yourself that the pain will dissolve if only you throw down plenty of ibuprofen to numb the symptoms just to get through the next running session? Or are you in the midst of preparing yourself for your next ultrarunning challenge and simply cannot afford to rest?

It’s a real mind game and it works for a while until you hit that threshold when, all of a sudden, the pain becomes intolerable. The Egoscue Method was designed to help you at exactly this point. Once you’ve overstepped your pain threshold, you’re no longer in a state of denial. You’re forced to take a step back, take a very close look at the cause of your pain and accept that the body is trying to tell you something.

Pain is also telling us something is not happening that should be happening. The site of the pain is also rarely the site of the problem!

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Why The Egoscue Method Is Worth It



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