Finding The Fitness Plan That’s Right For YOU




By Matt
Co-Founder at Share It Fitness

The web is littered with choice.  With just a few clicks and a couple dozen keystrokes you can find pretty much anything your heart desires.  In this day and age, we’ve come to expect an almost limitless number of options for whatever we’re looking for.  Sometimes, this is a good thing.  A simple search for “vegan recipes with kale and broccoli” returns over 1.4 million options to click…enough to ensure you could eat a different kale and broccoli recipe every night for the rest of your life.

For those of you that are as food obsessed as I am, I’m sure you’ll agree this a good thing.  But at what point does this plethora of choice become a bad thing?  A Google search for “fat burning workouts”returns nearly 5 million results.  Where do you start?  What’s good, what isn’t?  Which workouts were created by a professional with a PhD in exercise physiology and which were created by some 35-year old meathead living in his mom’s basement?  And how do you know the anonymous PhD really isn’t a 35-year old meathead living in his mom’s basement?  At some point, the virtually infinite number of options we’re given becomes a detriment.  Overwhelmed, anxious, and confused are some of the most recurring themes I encounter when users talk about trying to find the latest and greatest fitness plan to help them ____________ (fill in the blank).

Whether it’s Pinterest, Facebook, your favorite blog, Twitter, or any of the hundreds of other options we have to seek out new information these days, fitness is everywhere.  People are clearly more interested in, and more likely to seek out fitness information than ever before.  Unsurprisingly, the number of fitness content creators ready to fill this demand is increasing as well.

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Finding The Fitness Plan That’s Right For YOU


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