An Effective Water Weight Loss Program



There are effective water weight loss programs that can eliminate pounds and inches in both men and women. In fact drinking enough water every day can serve as a useful tool for any dieter attempting to reach their weight loss goal. The process is often simple, and involves:

•    Drink Adequate Amounts – By drinking enough water throughout the entire day, you can keep the body hydrated, without the need to consume high calorie snacks, meals or coffees. In addition, you can create the sensation of being full by drinking water, to avoid eating a snack between meals. Reducing caloric intake every day can speed up the weight loss process.

•    Water before Meals – Doctors have long known that overweight individuals that drink a glass of water before a meal routinely consume fewer calories and show significant signs of improved weight loss. This is beneficial regardless of age, and works well in both young and old adults. Drinking water after the meal also aids in digestion, and speeds up the process of losing weight.

•    Avoid Sweeteners – Consider giving up sweet beverages containing sugar or artificial sweeteners, alcoholic beverages, high calorie drinks, energy drinks and smoothies. Instead, consume water that has zero calories. In addition, squirt a small amount of lemon juice or a mint leaf to add flavor without calories.

•    Drink Cold Water – The easiest way to speed up the body’s metabolism through thermogenesis is to drink cold water instead of lukewarm or room temperature water. In fact, studies show that the body tends to elevate metabolism levels in as little as 10 minutes after consuming cold water that will last for approximately 40 minutes.

•    Cut Salt Intake – In addition to drinking water throughout the day, consider cutting salt intake as an effective way to eliminate retained water in the body. Reducing dietary salt and frozen foods, canned foods and table salt can quickly increase weight loss.

Maintaining Health

By drinking adequate amount of water every day, the body has the ability to naturally flush away toxins throughout all of its systems. Many times, toxins are taken into the body through the environment and foods, and even while exercising. Water also tends to keep the joints lubricated, which is essential for daily function and to prevent any type of injury to the body during exercise.

In fact, drinking water every day is vital as an effective water weight loss plan. When the body works out routinely, and consumes adequate amounts of water, it can increase the exponential process of burning unwanted pounds and inches.

Too Much Water

No discussion about the water weight loss program would be complete without discussing consuming too much water. Drinking excessive amounts of water in a single sitting can produce water intoxication. The body can quickly shut down, and experience kidney failure as well as an electrolyte imbalance that could affect the function of many organs in the body.

Drinking an adequate amount of water every day is essential to healthy living. Too little or too much consumed water can have a dramatic negative impact on the body. However, in proper quantities, it works well as an effective water weight loss solution.


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